Monday, January 14, 2013

Motivational Monday: Turn Your Face to the Sun

I know this sounds ridiculous but I had some trouble getting motivated to do something for Motivational Monday this week.  I just haven't been feeling very well all week and on top of that I got some bad news regarding a close family member's health.  So, the motivator is finding herself lacking in motivation.  But that is how it goes sometimes, doesn't it?  Even those of us who try to keep things upbeat and focused on the positive, sometimes need a little help ourselves.  I can only imagine how difficult it is for those individuals out there who live their lives mainly only seeing the negative their days, lives, and the world around them have to offer.  The key I suppose is to never give up trying to find something positive to focus on, even if it is just a tiny little thread.  Each thread we are able to grasp onto helps pull us up out of the darkness and back into the light where we belong.  So, with that thought in mind here is our quote to focus on this week...

Until next time,

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Suze said...

This is wonderful Lisa. Love the colours in the image and the sentiment is just perfect. I do hope that your health improves soon and that your motivation comes back to you. Keep looking to the positive - its what I have been learning to do since following your blog back in October.

Unknown said...

That is super motivational and so true... I have found in the past and still at times get caught in once I am in that place I open my mind to look at the situation for what it is , what I am creating myself along with the situation then I focus on that thread you mentioned and amazingly I can always look back and see how it magically dissolved, just by being aware! We certainly will always have some hope or a positive thread to hand onto.

Great post and I hope you are feeling better sweetie... I am praying for you
Lots of hugs

ike said...

Oh this is sooo true. I am sorry you had sad news. I hope too that you soon feel better. :-) xxx

Karen Wilson said...

This is beautiful Lisa, thank you for sharing! Sorry to hear of the sad news and hope you're feeling better ..