Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Spotlight: January 27, 2013

Oy vey.  So, last weekend not only do I get the year wrong for the Saturday Showcase but I call Sunday's post the showcase and not the spotlight.  I think my brain was on a little proofreading vacation last week.  So, hopefully I will get everything right this time.  

If you are just visiting for the first time, it is that time of week when I say a particular thank you to one of my readers acknowledging them for something thoughtful, inspiring, or mindful that they have said in one of their comments.  As a way of saying thanks, I will present this person with an advanced copy of a freebie that I promise, no one else will be able to get their hand on for at least three months and possibly longer.  Although given how busy I am going to be in February, it may take just as long for me to get it to them.

So without further ado, the comments I'm highlighting and reflecting on this week belongs to...

who left three different comments for me this week that made an impact on me.  She made me laugh, made me think and inspired me to keep going:

I used a wonderful freebie paper this week and entered a couple of cards using it into challenges. I have had positive comments on that paper - it is fantastic. Deserves to be in the Saturday Spotlight too - except I presume you don't want to "blow your own trumpet" so I'll do it for you. I so Love that paper. I'm off now to check out Trine's blog as I don't think I've visited it before. Suze on Saturday Showcase: January 19, 2013
First off, Suze made me chuckle when I read this comment.  Well it is nice to know that my paper is getting complements from others out there.  Apprently it was worth the time I put into making it just for Suze for all the use she is getting from it.  So far she has made four cards just with this paper alone.  Knowing her, she probably isn't done.  Please check out my page tab called "Your Gallery" to view all of Suze's cards that have used elements of my work.  The laugh came in when she decided she would blow the trumpet for me.  However, you never know Suze, one of these days when I don't hear back from someone in time for the Showcase, I may just have to put in some of my own designs!  We all know my ego has been known to assert itself quite vocally at times. highlighted comment from Suze: 
I'm thinking I need to make a big sign out of this and put it where I can see me to remind me! I've seen my son believe in himself and achieve things he wasn't expected to - you'd think I'd learn from that wouldn't you! Suze on Think***Believe***Achieve
It doesn't matter what I post on Motivational Monday,  Suze takes what I say and somehow applies it to her life.  I love how she just doesn't read it and forget about it.  She really listens to the message I create.  I also love how she is still willing to learn from her children instead of just expecting them to learn from her.  This is a woman who is all about her own growth. 
...last highlighted comment from Suze:
Gosh Lisa this must be getting harder to pick just one comment to feature. But I agree, Mandy has been very open with her comment which must have been hard to do. We all have struggles at times but you have helped several of us deal with those. Sad to hear you had another migraine to deal with but happy to hear you are now feeling better. May it continue to stay that way. Suze on Sunday Spotlight: January 20, 2013
This comment inspires me to keep going.  Suze, you have no idea how hard this is to pick just one or two people to highlight each Sunday.  When I came up with the idea for the Spotlight, I never realized the quality of thought provoking or generous comments that I'd receive.  Some weeks, I may have to consider making it a top three or five just like they do with challenges, just to bring to focus the amazing things you guys write me.  
 I am also humbled that Suze says that I have provided some of you with the words you needed to hear to get through a particular struggle that you were dealing with at the time of reading one of my posts.  I hope that I will be able to continue to do so in the future.   
What Suze may not realize is that her comments mean just as much to me.  She always has a kind word, stops by to say thank you and leaves words that push me through the day when I need just such a push.  It's that whole reciprocal thing I keep touching on.
Honourable mentions include:   
  • Lisa I don't quite know what to say except thank you, I was most surprised by this and it made me cry again. I never really thought my words would have an impact on anyone and I'm amazed I have touched you in such a way. My experience has ultimately given me so much and I want to give back. YOU are a very special person, the positivity and warmth you give can be felt by all that come in contact with you. WE are very lucky to have met you. Keeping spreading sweetness and light you lovely lady xxx Mandy on Sunday Spotlight: January 20, 2013
  • hehehee, so true, our 'lodger cat' was waiting for us to come home to night, sitting under the car, meyow...then me-ow, and then meyowgreee which means of course, where y'been, why's my food bowl not topped up, gimme treats ((Lyn)) on Follower Freebies 26 & 27: Cat Sentiment 
  • Wow this is another wonderful Sunday! You really attract lots of positive on your blog through this process. This is so very special. It really is incredible that we can be supported through this blogging process by complete strangers and you never know how your words will touch someone ;) Keep up the good work. And I really hope that your migraine will not be returning anytime soon! Vicky on Sunday Spotlight: January 20, 2013
  • Lisa, I pray you have a wonderful day, knowing you are being thought of! HUGS! Jennifer on Sunday Spotlight: January 20, 2013
  • I know this is late but thank you Lisa for putting me in your "Showcase". I have to say this card that I done was so much fun to color and put together! Everytime I look at it I can't help but smile!! You are such an inspiration to me and I am sure you are an inspiration to your followers and anyone that visits your blog. Once again...thank you!!! Smookiedo Crafts on Saturday Showcase: January 19, 2013
Before I close I just want to say thanks to everyone who sent positive hopes that the migraines would take a vacation.  Your kind words must have helped because there were no repeats this week.  I'll keep my fingers crossed for next...
Please know how truly difficult it is each and every week for me to choose comments to highlight.  I appreciate the time and energy you put into visiting my blog and leaving me a note to reflect on throughout the week.  I know you see this same closing line at the end of each spotlight but I really do mean what I say.

Until next time,


Naomi Edwards said...

As always Lisa I enjoyed your Spotlight Sunday... you are an inspiration to continue to go to lengths making the best of your life considering the challenges presented to you that can easily hold another back. I have come to know you quite well and if everyone knew what I knew they would be doing a spot light Sunday on you!!! You are my inspiration in so many ways and on such a deep level... I need a shovel!!! hehe! Lots of hugs my beautiful friend... call you later! LOL

Vicky F. AKA Crafting Vicky said...

Another wonderful Sunday spotlight. I agree with Suze that you need to tut your own horn because I saw the wonderful sentiment Meow from you entered on a card for a challenge and it is wonderful... So you should spotlight your work ;) Have a wonderful Sunday my friend and so glad that our positive thoughts have helped with the migraine ;)

Dawn @ LilyPinkScraps said...

Hi Lisa
thanks so much for your wonderful comment - I just made up the 'Feline Festive' sentiment as I've seen the word feline used in that way in many variations so by all means, do your magic with it :) Looking forward to seeing a wonderful creation!

Suze said...

Don't know how I missed this post. Thank you for all the kind words Lisa.