Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Spotlight: January 20, 2013

It is another Sunday already.  Therefore it is time for the next edition of the Sunday Spotlight.  If you are just visiting for the first time, it is that time of week when I say a particular thank you to one of my readers acknowledging them for something thoughtful, inspiring, or mindful that they have said in one of their comments.  As a way of saying thanks, I will present this person with an advanced copy of a freebie that I promise, no one else will be able to get their hand on for at least three months and possibly longer.

So without further ado, the comment I'm highlighting and reflecting on this week belongs to...


who said:
Lisa you have actually made me cry (happy tears of course). I love to interact with like minded people who share the happy and the sad times, as they happen to all of us. The important things is to learn from the sad times and appreciate the happy times. In my blog in the past I have shared some of the darkest times when I was in deep dark depression but I am now very nearly almost all the way out the other side. 2 Years ago I could not possibly think this would happen, I am so much more happy and positive, unburdened and free, I want to spread this happiness to everyone around me and if a few comments on a post can bring this much joy to both you and me, that's a nice way to touch someone else's life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for spotlighting me, it means a lot to me. Thank you also for the special freebie, that really is a lovely thing to do. Love Mandy xxx on Sunday Spotlight: January 13, 2013 

Mandy is responding to the fact that her quote was highlighted in last week's mass spotlightHERE is the link if you missed it--you might want to check it out.  Your name could be listed there.  There are still six people who haven't contacted me to make arrangements for their free digi.

I chose this comment for a couple of reasons. 

First of all, Mandy is so brave to share with the world her pain and difficulties of dealing with depression; not only with sharing herself on her blog but also having the strength to share with others through comments she has left elsewhere.  Unfortunately, there is still such a stigma attached to depression.  Some people just aren't equipped to deal with it.  I've eluded here on this blog to the dark days I experienced when I first became disabled.  There is always the fear of rejection when we share these kinds of stories with others.  If my own friends walked away from me and never came back how could I ever expect total strangers to stick around?  However, the fact is that you do.  Mandy, I and so many others share not only the good but sometimes the bad too and you guys stick around to support us.  Maybe the reasoning is similar to what Mandy suggests when she states that the good and the bad happen to everyone.  Maybe people are able to see certain aspects of themselves or their lives when they read about ours and are able to identify with us on our own personal journeys.  Whatever the reason, you have no idea what that means to me and I'm sure to Mandy and the rest as well.  So, thank you Mandy for being brave enough to share your story, and inspiring the rest of us to share ours.  Know you that you will always have a safe haven here on my blog or with me in private.

Secondly, I identify with this message because of what Mandy said in her last line which bears repeating:

I want to spread this happiness to everyone around me and if a few comments on a post can bring this much joy to both you and me, that's a nice way to touch someone else's life.
Comments are so important to me.  Not only in the receiving but also in the giving. Sure they take time to leave, but if you know that by spending a few moments at the keyboard you can possibly brighten someone else's day, then that is time well spent.  Well, it certainly is to me anyways.   I ALWAYS read every single comment left and do my best effort to reply when an address is available.  Depending on the comment, I may even go in search of the person's blog so that they can know just how much their words meant to me.  From the receiving end of things, always know that your comments truly do have an impact on the way that I think and the way that I feel.  They inspire me to contemplate, to design, to create, to motivate and to dream.  They inspire me to be the best person I can possibly be in this blogiverse of ours.

Honourable mentions include:  
  • Hi Lisa! I've been meaning to make a card for the Great Impressions challenges all week, but just haven't gotten there yet.....good intentions, you know? Your card is so cute. It reminds me of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood (a show from when I was little) where the cat would talk...."Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meoew", and then they would say....."what she said was, "______________". So, this reminded me of that. Super cute! Thanks for sharing this with us in our challenge. I'm SO SUPER HAPPY to have you as a regular participant, and SO grateful for your upbeat personality. Have a great day blessed of the Lord, and come back soon. Karen Word Art Wednesday on Time for a Thank You Card 
  • Oh I love how you have coloured her in. Look at those legs you go girl. TFS Sue on Card Design: Scribbles Designs Challenge Launch
  • I'm a cat lover too and this card put a smile on my face. :) Love it and your blog! Thanks for joining us at Top Tip Tuesday for our Fur or Feathers challenge. Lisa S on Time for a Thank You Card
  • Lisa, I'm so delighted to be working with you on the Scribbles Design Team! You've such a big heart, I look forward to getting to know you, my fellow Canadian! :) Jennifer on Card Design: Scribbles Designs Challenge Launch
  • Lisa this paper is soooooooooooo thrilling!!! Whataya mean??? It is so super I will be using it on my next card!!!!! (with the sheep I bought from scribbles by Sandi! Love her new challenge blog and I am in hook line and sinker! I am having serious issues with blogger, so much that I don't even get the option to upload my pictures so I have to use a different browser..Mozilla firefox is working great for me! Have a super day and I have been meaning to write or call you but am having it hard finding time!!! Super big hugs for my new super friend.. Naomi on Wonderful Wednesdays: Paper Play for January
  • What a beautiful story! I am so glad you two found each other!!! What a wonderful card too! Your coloring is really wonderful as well! Thanks for sharing your amazing story with us! Thanks for participating with all of us at Digi Desserts Fridaze as well! :) Hugs, Sandy. on Card Design: Scribbles Designs Challenge Launch
  • Oh wow Lisa! I am so touched about the story of your cousin! What a wonderful way to start many many happy years together! Thank you for being part of the SDDT - without you and the girls it wouldn't have happened! :) Hugs, Sandy S on Card Design: Scribbles Designs Challenge Launch
  • I may be able to go forth and eat cake, well a tiny bit if I keep to this diet for a few more weeks...trouble is the Christmas shortbread keeps calling my name!! Great card Lisa & congrats on your DT position Hugs Jane on Card Design: Scribbles Designs Challenge Launch
  • Lisa, Your card is suave, sweet and classicly beautiful. It sparkles and your very sweet narrative was almost as much fun as your card. Note to self, check Lisa's blog more often for inspiration. Thank you so much for posting with us at WAW. Carole Blessings on Card Design: Tuesday Alchemy Challenge #48
  • ohhhh wow I have shivers! What an awesome story and such a fabulous 1st birthday card to send! May you enjoy many many more together! Vicky F. on Card Design: Scribbles Designs Challenge Launch
  • Hey Lisa! You did a great job on this card! Love the glitter and sparkles, and it's just a fun, happy card all around! BTW, there's no such thing as a "wrong" place to find glitter. Glitter looks good everywhere! (Just ask my husband - about finding it everywhere, that is.) :) TFS!! Shea on Card Design: Tuesday Alchemy Challenge #48
  • That is super motivational and so true... I have found in the past and still at times get caught in once I am in that place I open my mind to look at the situation for what it is , what I am creating myself along with the situation then I focus on that thread you mentioned and amazingly I can always look back and see how it magically dissolved, just by being aware! We certainly will always have some hope or a positive thread to hand onto. Great post and I hope you are feeling better sweetie... I am praying for you Lots of hugs Naomi on Motivational Monday: Turn Your Face to the Sun
  • This is wonderful Lisa. Love the colours in the image and the sentiment is just perfect. I do hope that your health improves soon and that your motivation comes back to you. Keep looking to the positive - its what I have been learning to do since following your blog back in October. Suze on Motivational Monday: Turn Your Face to the Sun
  • ohhhh you are sooo sweet! One of the things that I love the most about blogging is the way that even if we don't know each other outside of the web we have a community of people sharing common interests. And your blog really helps to achieve this by letting us meet in a wonderful place ;) And of course you also make us think... with your words of wisdom. Keep it up my friend you are doing a fabulous job. Thank you so much for the advance copy of a freebie ;) That's really awesome. Vicky on Sunday Spotlight: January 13, 2013 

As usual there were so many wonderful comments this week to choose from.  In general I also want to say thanks to those of you who...
  • expressed concern and/or well wishes for my quick recovery.  While I again battled another migraine on Friday I am feeling better now.
  • left comments on all the cards I have published this week letting me know the specific elements you liked.   It allows me to think about incorporating similar elements into future designs.  If there is something you don't like, I want to know about that too. This way I don't repeat unattractive qualities.  Don't forget, constructive criticism helps us grow.
  • actually took the time to read my posts and not just grab a freebie or check out the card and run.   

Please know how truly difficult it is each and every week for me to choose comments to highlight.  I appreciate the time and energy you put into visiting my blog and leaving me a note to reflect on throughout the week. 


Until next time,


Suze said...

Gosh Lisa this must be getting harder to pick just one comment to feature. But I agree, Mandy has been very open with her comment which must have been hard to do. We all have struggles at times but you have helped several of us deal with those. Sad to hear you had another migraine to deal with but happy to hear you are now feeling better. May it continue to stay that way.

Vicky F. AKA Crafting Vicky said...

Wow this is another wonderful Sunday! You really attract lots of positive on your blog through this process. This is so very special. It really is incredible that we can be supported through this blogging process by complete strangers and you never know how your words will touch someone ;) Keep up the good work. And I really hope that your migraine will not be returning anytime soon!

Jennifer said...

Lisa, I pray you have a wonderful day, knowing you are being though of! HUGS!

Made by Mandy said...

Lisa I don't quite know what to say except thank you, I was most surprised by this and it made me cry again. I never really thought my words would have an impact on anyone and I'm amazed I have touched you in such a way. My experience has ultimately given me so much and I want to give back.

YOU are a very special person, the positivity and warmth you give can be felt by all that come in contact with you. WE are very lucky to have met you.

Keeping spreading sweetness and light you lovely lady xxx