Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Nail Design: A Comrade Has Fallen

If one can mourn over the loss of fingernails, then that person is surely me this morning.  Today, after the 'death' of my baby fingernail, I had to say goodbye to nine other 'close allies' who in comradery needed to go the same route as their fellow nail.  So, in tribute to these ten fallen 'friends' I give you a design, from earlier this year that I had posted on my original website.
This was my first nail design for the fall season.  I called it 'Autumn Art'.  It is inspired by a design from 'Nail Polish Wars Blogspot' (sorry but I don't remember the website address because I wrote the idea down in my nail book a few weeks ago). 

It is a pretty simple design.  Just divide each nail into three triangular shapes.  Paint each section a different fall colour (make sure you use a good base coat first).  In this design I've used a deep green, a beige and a rusty-copper tone.  After a couple coats of each colour so that they are solid looking, apply two coats of a gold flecked glitter to give it a bit of a sparkle.  Add two coats of a good topcoat and you are done.  And for a closer look:
Please take this post in the tongue in cheek jest that it is meant.  I know that there are people out there really suffering from loss and in no way do I want to disrespect any of them.  It is just that 'vanity is my name' when it comes to my fingernails, and I do feel a sense of loss now that they are no longer with me. 

Until next time,

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Karen said...

Aww... I'm sorry you lose one of your babies! (I feel that pain if I dump a jar of sparkly eyeshadow... tragic.) That design is gorgeous, by the way! :o)

Hugs and blessings!