Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thursdays Are For Giving Thanks

I just want to take a moment to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers and friends south of the border.  We celebrated our Canadian Thanksgiving back at the beginning of October, so now its your turn.

Even though today is an American holiday, the concept of giving thanks is a universal one.  We all have something in our lives for which we can be grateful .  The list differs for each of us because we all live in our own unique part of the world.  

Personally, I am thankful for a wonderfully supportive husband, two amazing parents, other family and friends in my life and of course my remaining furbaby Marigold.  I am thankful for the many people I have met in this unique online community. I am grateful for the roof over our head, the car in our driveway and the fact that my husband has found part time employment--more importantly, that he likes the type of work he is doing.  I'm indebted for the clean air I am breathing, the clean water I have access to and the peace in our land.  I am thankful that for today my pain is manageable and that I am feeling up to sitting and getting some work done on the computer and that I don't have to rely on my wheelchair for getting around the house.  For this moment, I only need to use my canes.

Yes, today is a good day and my hope is that tomorrow will be a good one as well.  Unfortunately, there are many others out there who are not so lucky.  There are many people in our world who are in pain and suffering great hardship.  However, even if your circumstances are not the best, I hope that there is still something, even something very small, for which you are able to show your gratitude. 

The only thing we truly have power over in our lives is the way that we think.  Being grateful is a choice.  We can choose to show gratitude and take a more positive outlook on things or we can choose to continue to focus on the negative.  No, gratitude won't make the bad things we are facing go away, it just helps us to look at our lives a little differently.  For example, I can complain about how painful and difficult it is for me to sit, stand and walk unassisted or I can choose to be grateful that I still have the capacity to do all three regardless of how long or how far.  Under different circumstances I might be in my wheelchair permantly.  For today I'm grateful that I'm not.

Gratitude is not easy.  If you live in darkness it is difficult to see the light never mind try to grasp onto something that you are thankful for.  But I believe the end results will be worth the effort.  Everything important in life takes work.  Start off with coming up with one thing you are grateful for in your life right nowWe are only guaranteed the time we have today.  Worry about tomorrow, when it comes.  

I have decided that at least one Thursday a month I am going to design a post around the idea of gratitude.  Thursdays around here will be about giving thanks.  I might pose a question for you to think about, further explore the concept of why gratitude is important, or create a design based on appreciation.  Maybe, it will just be a quote for you to consider.  I'd love to hear some ideas about what you'd like to see covered in this topic.  Send me an email or leave me a comment.  For today, I'll just leave you with this food for thought.

So, what are you thankful for today?

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Suze said...

Thank you for such an amazing post Lisa. I can see that I need to change my outlook on things a bit after reading this. Instead of complaining how difficult it is to drive the card - I struggle with u-turns and pulling out into traffic - I should be grateful that I can still drive. Thank you heaps for making me think about how I see things. I look forward to your quotes and reminders to be grateful for what we have. I think it is easy to lose sight of that sometimes. Thanks also for the quote. Hugs, Suze

Sue - aka Olive Reedfilter (fairy name) said...

You words invoke so much thanksgiving. Thank you for recognizing this American holiday. You have at least left this reader realizing how much I have to be grateful. I have always considered my family my biggest blessings. But, your message took me so much further. For I have been blessed with good health. Something I don't mean to take for granted, especially in my own life. You represent those not as fortunate as myself. And, through your words you have reached me deeply. I wish you a day filled with less physical discomfort. Your body may not be strong, but your heart is so giving to others. To take the time and write this unbelieveable heartfelt tribute, I feel so blessed to have you as a friend. You are very, very special indeed. Hugs, Sue

Crafting Vicky said...

You are so right we should be more thankful and often we take all the simple things in our life for granted but if they were gone we would be miserable... so we really should appreciate our life more. Thanks for the reminder! Hugs Vicky

Charlene Mitchell said...

What a fantastic quote! Thanks for sharing!