Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Paper Pack Premiere

Tonight has been a banner night for me.  I am pleased as punch as the saying goes.  That is the saying isn't it?  Anyways, suffice it to say it has been a good night creatively.  I'm way behind in everything else but full of creative input and output.  It has been a night of 'firsts'.

To start, I created my very first set of papers and I am kinda happy with how they turned out.  They are nothing too special but I think someone might be able to make them work for a fall type backdrop.  I made them approximately 1800x1800 pixels.  I've noticed that most papers are created at 3600x3600, but I find that way too big for card purposes.  Even 1800 is huge.  However, if enough people are interested in the larger sizes, well...I'll see what I can do.  Right now I'm just hoping someone will be interested enough in the smaller sizes.

So creatively speaking, it didn't take too long to make them tonight.  From beginning to zipped end, I was finished in about two and a half hours.  Given that sometimes it takes me that long just to put a sentiment together, I'm feeling pretty good about the time invested in the first part of this endeavour.

Secondly, I had to learn how to compress files  Now, unfortunately, even at 1800x1800, the files, especially given that they are png files, are still really big (if anyone knows how to make them into a smaller file size without actually making them look smaller, I'd appreciate the assistance).  Accordingly, I needed to learn how to zip up the files.  That is a new one for me too.  I've unzipped many a file, but tonight was the first time I've ever zipped one up.  With a little guidance from hubby, whose wise words were, 
"you know how to unzip a file?"
"Just do that only backwards."
In actuality, it was that easy.  I practiced zipping up and zipping down (sorry couldn't help myself :-])  a couple of times to make sure that everything opened up all right.  Now, if only my body moved that fast, but I digress...

Lastly, and I patted myself on the back for this one, I had to figure out how to upload a zip file to blogger.  Except that isn't possible.  Thus, I had to decide where I was going to put the file so that you could download it.  Now, I did some research for some quick options.  I didn't really want to go through the time looking into, determining the best upload site, and then having to sign up for an account tonight.  I know I need to do it relatively soon because it will give me a clearer indication of how many people are actually downloading images but given that it is already 1:30 a.m. and I wanted to get this out to you for tomorrow, I had to come with another option.  I went through a couple of tutorials that recommended creating a Google website.  Hmmm...straight away my mind went to my orignal website.  So, I did some research there and learned I could upload a zip file and create a link.  When you go to the page and click on the link, it automatically brings up the 'save' or 'open' option, thus allowing you to download the file.  Consequently, I've just gone over and set the page up.  Now keep in mind I did it in a hurry so it doesn't look like anything special.

So, if you've managed to stay with me through all my rambling, you definitely deserve a small reward.  Therefore, if you want it, please feel free to follow the link and download my very first paper pack.  

 Here are some thumbnails 

 of what the papers look like. 

Click HERE to go to the fall leaves paper pack download page.  
When you get there, click on the image that looks like this:

When everything was all set up and all the links were created, I did a run through to make sure it worked out.  It did for me, hopefully it will for you.  If you have any problems though, please let me know.

I had wanted to get some Thanksgiving sentiments created but I should probably get to sleep some time before the sun rises.  So check back soon for more free goodies.

If you intend to download the file be sure to read the terms of use included within the zip folder and PLEASE leave me a comment here before heading over there. 

After you have taken a look at the papers, I'd appreciate it if some of you might be willing to provide me with some constructive feedback as this will help me tremendously in my growth process.

Until next time,


Sue - aka Olive Reedfilter (fairy name) said...

I love your new backgrounds. And, you just keep pushing that learning curve don't you?? And a self-learner!!!! Inspiring!!!! Just think, if everyone tried to learn something new at least once a week ... we'd be a world of "go, go, go getters". And, you my friend would be leading the parade. Hugs, Sue

Suze said...

Thank you for these lovely background papers. Managed to download them without any problems at all. Will try printing them later and see how they come up - in the meantime I have some other things that have to get done so can't get distracted even though I'm tempted.

Suze said...

Hi Lisa - me again! I did get distracted in the end - couldn't resist having a play with these papers. You can see my card here:
I think it worked really well with these papers.

Charlene Mitchell said...

Thanks so much for these papers Lisa. Download was super easy and file size not a problem. Haven't had a chance to play yet but I'm sure they're great. Thanks for sharing and for making the download super easy!

Michele Smith said...

Love these yummy colors!! Thank you Lisa!!

Decosse's Dynamite Doodles said...

I'm glad you had no problems with the downloads and that you found the size fine. I'd love to see what you create with them!