Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday Spotlight: November 11, 2012

Lest We Forget...
Before I get on with the Sunday Spotlight, I just wanted to take a moment to pay special tribute to all of those individuals who have died in the line of duty while trying to protect our country.  I believe it is our duty to remember those fallen heroes who have payed for our freedom with their lives.  Additionally, to all those who continue in their tireless efforts to keep our countries free and safe -- your contributions are so greatly appreciated and will never be forgotten.

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For my loyal followers, thank you so much for your continued support.  For those of you visiting for the first time, welcome to a special post where each Sunday I say a particular thank you to one of my readers.  One commenter each week will be acknowledged for something thoughtful, inspiring, or mindful that they have said in their comment.  As a way of saying thanks, I will present this person with an advanced copy of a freebie that I promise, no one else will be able to get their hand on for at least three months and possibly longer.  Depending on what it is, I may never release it so it might just become an exclusive item.

So let us get on with the show.  The comment of the week belongs to:


Now Sue isn't being honoured for one comment she left, she is being honoured for 3 of them.  Parts of what she had to say include...

You are one of my "newest" friends that I have met in this world of cyberspace that I can't wait hearing from on almost a daily basis. You are not only kind with your words, you are also a mentor. As a friend and a mentor, you will always get a A++++++ in my eyes. I really enjoy your site and don't stop doing all your wonderful creations either. ..

Just love your new site.  I just can't say enough .... every single day I  can't wait to see what you are creating.  And yes, the comments do make it all worth while.  Most important advice though, I want to give ..... HAVE THE BEST TIME EVER...

You  are by far the funniest CHARACTER I have met in a long time.  The fact that  you DON'T LIKE your snowman is so priceless.  But, let me tell you girlfriend, you have more talent RUNNING IN CIRCLES up in that head of yours!!!!  What you seem to see as possible failure is "GUMPTION" and the fact that you put it out there for ALL THE WORLD to see ... you've got "LIKEABLE SPUNK" overflowing.  And, just in case you didn't get it.  I love your snowman.  Great job.  I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE WHAT TOMORROW BRINGS.

Sue is a one woman cheerleading squad and my day just wouldn't be the same without her. She always provides me with so much encouragement and is helping me to see that what I create has merit and is not the garbage that I think it sometimes is.  She is also helping me come to realize that I shouldn't measure my work against anyone else's--a very bad habit of mine.  My best friend Laurie keeps telling me to stop tearing myself down.  Well Laurie and Sue, I'm working on it but boy is it hard.  It might take awhile for me to break that particular nasty habit.  Sue also offered me the best advice ever--have fun with what you are doing.  Truer words have never been spoken.  If you are not having fun, it is a chore and we all have too many of those in our lives.  Consequently, everyone else needs to heed this advice too!  So, thank you Sue.  I had no idea the impact that meeting peers within the cardmaking and digi stamp design community would have on my life.  

Honourable mentions include:  
Oh Lisa... you are such a kind and beautiful soul! :o) It warms my sappy heart that my comment encouraged you. We all need encouragement.. some days more than others! I can already see that you bring a lot of love
and sunshine to many crafters...

Lisa, I am so sorry to hear about your beloved Bella. Losing a pet is a painful thing, even when we expect that they will not live as long as we  do.  It is lovely of you to showcase these various artists... I wish
you all the best with your new computer.

What a fantastically inspiring post this morning Lisa! You most certainly opened my eyes to some truly incredible crafters and I thank you so much.  What an honor to be on your list as well. :) You've made
my day.Big hugs to you and thank you
.--The other Lisa

Hey Lisa, This is so true. Everyone can use a little motivation to build in whatever they are doing. This was beautifully put together!...-- Judy
I love this whole idea of a motivational day. It's a great idea for those of us who need motivating. Love this first one in the series and look forward to seeing what you come up with for us next Monday.--Suze

{Please note that some comments have been edited to remove small segments.}

Thank you ladies for your wonderful words of encouragement. 

Once again, to all of you who left comments throughout the week, even if they were not acknowledged above, please know that I appreciate each and every one of them and each and every one of you!  Without your kind words, there wouldn't be much of an incentive to continue.

Until next time,


Sue - aka Olive Reedfilter (fairy name) said...

Ahhhhhhh ..... Lisa

I just dashed to take a look at your blog before I start getting ready for church this rainy morn. And, even if "raindrops are silently falling,your words are the sunshine peeking thru" I just can't find the right words to express my gratitude. You've made me "so bubbly". I am bursting at the seams. Thank you, thank, thank you. And may you be blessed today and always. Hugs, Sue

Sue - aka Olive Reedfilter (fairy name) said...

How do you set up you wonderful freebie sides on this blog? I love them. Hugs, Sue

Sue - aka Olive Reedfilter (fairy name) said...

Didn't know I was going to make you work for my friendship ... did you???? Hee, hee. Another thing I like about your blog. How, how do you set up the top that says ... home, blog, etc. I have wanted to do that on the top of mine since it's creation and can't figure out how. Just email me @ home.

Unknown said...

Hi Lisa!!!!
Although I am new to your blog I am captivated, it is amazing how you are giving out to others the very thing you feel you lack in yourself..confidence! Your spotlight on others (which I think makes your blog so unique) is very encouraging and I am sure it would spark anyone's spirit.. if they felt secretly insecure by any chance, your write up would most certainly turn their thoughts 360 degrees or at least plant positive seeds. You belong in bloggy land I am feel priviliged to be your new cyber friend, I look forward to getting to know you more.. Blog land needs beautiful souls such as yourself. Big Cyber hugs!!!!!! P.S. I really enjoyed this post.

Michele Smith said...

What a fabulous idea! I agree with Sue and bring "fun" back to blog reading with your comments. It's kind of like a good book you can't put down. You wanna know what's next!! I also agree with your friend not compare your work to others. I do the same exact thing and feel sooooo inferior. BUT, I look back to things I created a year ago and see how much I have improved so that gives me the little boost to keep pushing forward and learning from those that I think are "better than me". Hope you have a great day Lisa ~~~

Karen said...

Lisa, you are a joy and a delight! Although I was away from Blogger for much of the last couple weeks, your sunshiny love shone forth even when I wasn't here. I couldn't resist dropping by before I flutter off to sleep... always remember that your work is lovely because it is created by YOU! :o)

Hugs and blessings!