Sunday, November 04, 2012

Sunday Spotlight: November 4, 2012

I love my faithful readers.  I really, really do!  I am so blessed that in just a litle over two weeks, I already have a number of people who not only like what I have to offer but also like what I have to say.

I know just how precious your time is, so it warms my heart when you take a few moments out of your busy day to actually read through my posts.  I am also so very thankful when you leave a comment.  Consequently, every Sunday that I am able to, I will say a special thank you to one of my readers.  One commenter each week will be acknowledged for something thoughtful, inspiring, or mindful that they have said in their comment.  As a way of saying thanks, I will present this person with an advanced copy of a freebie that I promise, no one else will be able to get their hand on for at least three months and possibly longer.  Depending on what it is, I may never release it so it might just become an exclusive item. 

So without further ado.  The comment of the week belongs to:


who said:
Welcome in blogland ღ˚ •。* ♥ ˚ ˚✰˚ ˛★* 。 ღ˛° 。* °♥ ˚ • ★ *˚ .ღ 。*˛˚ just sprinkling a little celebration on your blog. I wish you many more creative years of inspiration!! Greetings and Stamps to you,on this embossing powder Day!May you always think of ink pads and dream of punches.Have a colored pencil week and paper blessings to you. take care of yourself.sending hugs across the miles
This comment made my day!  It was so sweet and so very creative.  Now unfortunately, I have no way of contacting this individual to send her a special freebie.  So, if the person who wrote this quote sees this, please contact me.  

Therefore, I guess in order to be fair, I'm going to have to choose another comment.

So, 2nd comment of the week belongs to Karen, who said:

Hi Lisa, I'm popping in from MIM! ;o) Your card is so lovely.. the theme is beautiful and I love the pumkin.  The interior is equally wonderful.  Such a spectacular sentiment.  I hope you have a sparkly day! :o) Hugs and blessings! 

This is the kind of encouragement that keeps me going.  I, like many people, don't always see the value of my own work. So, when someone else points out certain specific qualities that they themselves liked, it encourages me that I am on the right track.  I will be contacting Karen shortly to make arrangements to send her a special freebie.

Honourable mentions include:
  •  You are doing such a great job...keep it up. Thanks for the freebies--Kathleen
  • Welcome to our world. May you meet as many wonderful, creative and loving people as I have. Hugs, Sue @ grands9creations--Sue
  • Beautiful job with your blog...thanks for sharing your talents! --Vicky Gould 
  • You are so talented...thanks for sharing!!! --Suzanne
  • Love your website and look forward to following your posts. Thanks for the freebie.--Mariah24

Thank you ladies for your wonderful words of encouragement. 

To all of you who left comments throughout the week, even if they were not acknowledged above, please know that I appreciate each and every one of them and each and every one of you!  Without your kind words, there wouldn't be much of an incentive to continue.

Until next time,


Karen said...

Oh Lisa... you are such a kind and beautiful soul! :o) It warms my sappy heart that my comment encouraged you. We all need encouragement.. some days more than others! I can already see that you bring a lot of love and sunshine to many crafters. :o) Fluttering off to email you back!

Hugs and blessings!

Spyder said...

I'm, only guessing, but I think this is Snowbird! Always makes my day with her comments on my blog! I do have an email if you need it! She hasn't claimed my freebie this week so maybe she's away
(Lyn) Happy Crafting!

Anonymous said...

wow,i come across to see what is new on your blog.
and now you suprise heartbeat goes faster digitalstamp only for me?you give me the feeling i'm special.
(¨`•.•´¨) Hugs
.`•.¸(¨`•.•´¨) from the
(¨`•.•´¨)¸.•´ HEART,
.·:*¨·••·¨*:· Thanks·:*¨·••·¨*:·.
I wish you many more creative years of inspiration!Sometimes it's hard to exlpain , especially when english is not your motherlanguage,(i'm from Germany)
but I guess you forgive me the spelling mistakes.Have a wonderful and creative week.take care of yourself and stay warm.sending hugs across the miles.

Decosse's Dynamite Doodles said...

Thank YOU Karen for your thoughtful words.

Lisa D.

Decosse's Dynamite Doodles said...

Thanks for the offer Lyn. It was snowbird and she popped back and saw the post so I've been in touch with her about the freebie.

Lisa D.

Decosse's Dynamite Doodles said...

Glad you found out about the freebie and as always I appreciate your kind words.

Lisa D.